Monday, September 7, 2009

Visual Sources

Some visual yum yum for your tum tum.

Solar Flares!

Photographer Lois Greenfield

Ann Hamilton's more recent work- these are in print form-Lithographs mostly

William Blake's Illustrations-powerful

New Goal!

Hello All!
So here is my new goal.......
A blog update day.
Every Sunday I will update my blog so you all wi
ll know what is going on.

Week Recap:
-working with rice paper now
- collaboration-my new favorite way to work
-Bought "Universe: the definitive visual guide"
- Attended Ashton's BFA exhibit "Meat"
hello Emporia, Kansas
-Went to Church with Jared and Jess met some awesome people.

I miss you all in Ames and surrounding areas!
Come visit me in Lawrence!

A little update....

Photographer Lois Greenfield....
Found these online.