Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thesis work marches on.......

My work these past weeks has consisted mainly of winding lengths of monofilament on this wonderful weaving device, a standing warping mill or wheel. 

The rhythm of this process allows for a calm space to open within my working process. This space has been vital to the life of my work. It takes hours to wind these lengths during which I pray and sing. 
The process of winding becoming "an antidote to despair, 
as stated about Eva Hesse's process as well

Tuesday night's have been glorious, as my friends come to help me with these studio tasks. Communal labor is enjoyable and brings great joy. 

Jonathan Metzger tries his have at turning. A wonderfully talented printmaker working towards his MFA here at the University of Kansas. Visit his website.

 My wonderful studio! 5th Floor. Large window. 15' ceilings = artists dream

Allison Wegren, a fellow textile graduate student, helps to sew on my string paintings!

Well that is all for now. 
Next is Christmas break or as I like to call it.....Go time!