Monday, October 26, 2009

Joetta Maue

Thread, 2008
My Friend Kelsey sent me the link to this great blog by Joetta Maue. Check her out!

Just Perfect!

Henry's Coffee and My Headphones!
A match made in Heaven!

A time in Iowa.

A tear because it is cold now...
The Cafe ......O how do I love thee.Let me count the ways!

About a week ago I made a little trip over KU's Fall break to IOWA!!!
1. Went to Salt
2. Ate at the Cafe
3. Hung out with Austin and Ryan
4. Saw "Where the wild things are!"

Hat Finished!

Here is one of my hat's! The other to be added later a surprised for a certain birthday girl!
Forming the felt into folds is done when the hat is wet, pinning and forming as it dries on the head shaped mold.
Here is me rolling rolling rolling the felt. This take hours...literally!
An in process shot, while hat is being rolled and felted.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zombie Fashion Show

My sis and I went to the Zombie Fashion Show last Saturday at the Replay!
Fake Blood, great zombie walks and thrift store treasures galore!!!
We had fun

From the Studio...

Most recently I have been emersing cloth and garments in wax. 'Freezing' them in time and hanging them in space. Have been feeling somewhat like a kitten chasing shinning things in terms of what I am making.
Been looking at Baroque paintings and sculptures.
See the influence?

Caravaggio "St. Matthew and the Angel"

Bernini "Ectasy of St. Teresa"
Here is a slip....rust printed and dipped in wax.

My first attempt in dying felt.
An awesome experience!
Dyed them in Ball canning jars.
Looked like little color jars of guts.

Some rusty things I recieved today from a new friend.
Today was like Christmas!