Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost have you all caught up!

Time :12:16 pm

Where: In my new studio!

Why: Preparing!

What: The Spring semester starts tomarrow. I am looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. In December I passed my second year review, which means that my colleagues believe that I am ready to pursue Thesis work. Such an exciting prospect. I pray that this semester would be filled with exciting discoveries. Indeed, it is a privilege to be an art maker. I constant tugging on my attention and life. Sorta like when our kitten Olafur jumps onto my shoulder while I am reading or internetting.

"pay attention to me" .........he says.

I just hope to not lose all the ideas through the business of life.

Now I am working on a Lithograph for Frogman's Print Workshop Assistant Portfolio. Not due till April 1 but who am I kidding. I need all the time I can get. :)

More musings.

I have decided that if I state my artistic intentions out on this blog I may actually have to own up to following them through. Although I don't know how many of you are listening or if these are floating out into the "intranets" nowhere space (on the line).

So if you are listening..........
I have discovered a cyclical nature to what I make. For a while I enjoy the freedom and flurry of making sculptures. Then I take photos and make drawings. Prints.
A 2-d world free of hanging and structural issues.

My next intention: Attempt to print these (below) photos onto frosted mylar.


I have stumbled upon a beautiful blog.
O, how writers are continually inspiring me.

He seeks life where it is to be found: in all that is most delicate, in the folds of things.

-Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Andreas, 1932

a void place...

" Because whatsoever I conceived deprived of this space, seemed to me nothing, not even a void, as if a body were taken out of its place should remain any body at all, of earth and water and air and heaven, yet would it remain a void place, as it were a spacious thing. "
Augustine (of course)

These are some images shot from the completed installation.
A space filled and activated.
A space marked out and restricted.

While I was installing the below portion of this work, a band of little children ran through the tunnel.
I watched as they dived into the space beneath the fabric sculpture.
Frozen in air.
Motion and excitement of little voices and bodies.

There was no fear there. Just enjoyment. No hesitation, just movement.
Let's make a life of that.