Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost have you all caught up!

Time :12:16 pm

Where: In my new studio!

Why: Preparing!

What: The Spring semester starts tomarrow. I am looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. In December I passed my second year review, which means that my colleagues believe that I am ready to pursue Thesis work. Such an exciting prospect. I pray that this semester would be filled with exciting discoveries. Indeed, it is a privilege to be an art maker. I constant tugging on my attention and life. Sorta like when our kitten Olafur jumps onto my shoulder while I am reading or internetting.

"pay attention to me" .........he says.

I just hope to not lose all the ideas through the business of life.

Now I am working on a Lithograph for Frogman's Print Workshop Assistant Portfolio. Not due till April 1 but who am I kidding. I need all the time I can get. :)

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