Friday, November 5, 2010

Anne Lindberg

Anne Lindberg, raume yellow, 2010, installation view

old brain
thread, 650 pounds
28 by 5 feet, by 8 inches
also exhibited in Decelerate at
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Kansas City, Missouri 2006

insomnia 03
pencil on vellum with archival pigmented print
28 by 34 inches
private collection, Mission, Kansas

My current artist to drool over is Anne Lindberg. I recently went to an artist talk at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland Park, KS. She was whitty, eloquent, and simply a joy to listen to. Her work is beautiful. Haunting.

At the Nerman, her piece was an installation of various yellow threads. So simple. Yet bright and brilliant. Glowing. And a little disorienting. I am going to sit in front of it one of these days. Just right there on the gallery floor.

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