Friday, November 5, 2010

Today is the day!

The pile has reached its end. Now the time has come to install. I am hoping to possible get a camera which I can use to take shots every 5-10 mins. Then compile the shots into a video.
Hopefully I can obtain a camera from media services. If not then Zach (my husband) knows of some free software which would do this on his point and shoot camera.

Wish me and my helpers luck and if any of you wanna help, come on down to the Kansas Union Tunnel, all day today or sunday!

Here is a little daily St. Augustine to drool over:
"So many mind gave over to question thereupon with my spirit, it being filled with the images of formed bodies, and changing and varying them, as it willed; and I bent myself to the bodies themselves and looked more deeply into their changableness, by which they ceased to be what they have been and begin to be what they were not; and this same shifting from form to form, I suspected to be through a certain formless state."

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