Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a void place....

Catherine Spencer
a void place...

November 8 - December 6, 2010
Kansas Union Tunnel

I am creating an installation!
I apologize for my EXTENDED absence from the blog world but my return lines up quiet nicely with when I left last fall. Excited about the way God has opened the door for this installation, we
(my helpers and I!) shall proceed boldly!
Today I will be working on a press release, which is new territory, but with help from the internet and my fellow professors I hope to write something worthy of rousing some interest.

Currently there is a giant felt cylinder residing in my studio. A temporary structure which I am using to create my fabric sculptures. It is lovely to be surrounded by strange things.

The list of possible projects from the temporary structure:
-Fill with jello.
-resembling a large swimming pool.
-an object of desire which people love to touch.
- "oooo its warm in here"
-putting hamsters inside the structure.
-Fill with bouncy balls and ping pong balls.

More images later!

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